A Living Storybook. A National Treasure. A Magical Place For Your Family.

The lake shimmers. The river races. The forest whispers. The wildlife graces every view. The children discover new wonders. Everyone becomes inspired by extraordinary experiences. Nothing is ordinary here.

Tucked away neatly in Montana's Flathead Valley, there lies a forty-two acre sweep of wonderland. A place where Swan Lake, Johnson Creek and the Swan River meet. As if lifted from the pages of an ancient storybook, it is a place thick with history, lore and legend. A place belonging to bygone era. And one that just forty-two families will have the honor to call home.

Founded by Montana’s Copper Kings 90 years ago, this perfect marriage of mystical waters, age-old forests, unbridled recreational assets and storied history make Kootenai one of those most unique and exclusive residential havens in the country.

This private, gated residential community of only 42 meticulously designed and crafted homes has been created to enrich, enliven and grace the lives of those seeking rewarding experiences.

Luminaries such as Charles Lindbergh, Will Rogers and John D. Rockefeller Jr. stayed here. Now you, and just 28 other families, have the unprecedented opportunity to live here.