Easy To Explore Montana's Many Wonders.

Astonishing, dramatic, vast and uncrowded, America's fourth largest state lays claim to towering swaths of virgin forest, seventy-seven mountain ranges, over two thousand natural lakes, four thousand miles of flowing river and the soul-shaking grandeur of Glacier National Park. Wonderfully, Kootenai is the ideal jumping off point to enjoy it all.

In between healthy stands of high pine, fir, cottonwood, spruce, cedar and larch, an array of charming villages boast a rustic elegance where old-fashioned country stores, trading posts and neighborly saloons are happily stationed alongside upscale boutiques, fine restaurants and esteemed galleries of art.

Yet what truly elevates Montana is her lengthy list of easy to reach outdoor activities—from blue ribbon angling and hunting to world-class skiing and snowboarding to golf, hiking, boating, horseback riding and mountain biking.

And though the bevy of Big Sky's under-the-sun pursuits is extraordinary, many find it overshadowed by yet another ace up Montana’s long sleeve: a small-town friendliness and ever-gracious hospitality that never fails to warm the hearts of visitor and citizen alike.