In choosing your vacation home, you have the opportunity to make a historic decision.

Saying there is no place on earth quite like Kootenai passes the closest scrutiny.

Its 42 acres billows with grassy knolls and scores of elderly cedar, lodge pole, cottonwood and ponderosa pine. Johnson Creek weaves through the wild grass and trees for a thousand feet before tumbling into Swan Lake and River.

A waterfront beach stretches a half mile along Kootenai’s border. But moreover, the land’s clear capacity to refresh spirits remains thoroughly intact.

The prime gathering spot of this prestigious community, Kootenai Lodge is a gateway—a time machine that thrusts one back to the America of the early 1900's—magnificent hunting lodge dressed up for a grand Gatsby-like ball.

There is also a pool and luxurious twelve person whirlpool, the Evans Nature Center, Orchard Park for lawn games and boat docks. A 100-year-old barn that used to stable the Copper Kings’ polo ponies is the location of our fitness center.

You’ll find joy in hiking the surrounding mountains, fishing these bountiful waters or simply relaxing on the inviting deck of Kootenai Lodge while taking in the grandeur of the Swan.

Whether residents want to mountain bike, powerboat, fish, cross-country ski or golf, every homeowner has the comfort of knowing that Kootenai’s Recreation Director and Concierge can facilitate any adventure.