"What made it so exceptional 100 years ago is what makes it so extraordinary for us today."
—George & Linda Turek, Kootenai Homeowners

George and Linda Turek wanted their ideal summer retreat to be that quintessential home on a lake, surrounded by mountains and with a cool, refreshing climate. "When we discovered Kootenai, we found a lot more than that, we found something magical," says Linda.

The story began when they stayed in one of the meticulously crafted homes. "In the morning George walked over to the Grand Lodge," recalls Linda. "His first thought was that he was doing the same thing that Charles Lindbergh did 90 years before. As he looked out at that magnificent lake, he saw the deep green of the pines and firs on the mountains, with the hawks and eagles gliding over the water. It was like a soothing calmness washed over him. When he came back, he simply said, 'I'm in love.'"

The decision was made. George and Linda purchased a Historic Lakefront Home as their—and their kid's, grandkid‚Äôs and network of friend's—perfect hideaway.

George loved the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding area so much he got a float plane so they could explore it all.

"At first, we didn't know what The Kootenai Experience meant," Linda explained. "But suddenly, like an epiphany, we realized it was something truly extraordinary."